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Compatible M42 to Pentax K mount Adaptor

Compatible M42 to Pentax K mount Adaptor

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M42 to Pentax K-mount Adaptor


A must have adaptor for all Pentax users. It allow older M42 screw mount Pentax lenses (etc Pentax Takumar lenses) to be used on your Pentax cameras. It also allow the use of other M42 lenses from Zeiss, Praktica, Mamiya, Zenit on your Pentax cameras. This adaptor really opens up the opportunity for you to explore other high quality lenses out there.

This adaptor allows focusing to infinity and is made of high quality brass and anodized silver for excellent finishing and durability.

Comes with the Pentax Red Dot to help you to align and mount it to your camera.

Comes with a removal tool to help removing the adaptor easily from your camera.


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